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W LIm Products

Your Exclusive Wave Pump Manufacturer

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Are you thinking of building a koi fish pond? With careful planning and design, your koi will live a long and happy life. A koi fish pond consists of four essential components: a water pump, a UV sterilizer, a filter system, and of course, your koi fish. Proper equipment is essential for a healthy koi pond, and there is no better water pump than the Wave Series of pumps.

UV Sterilizer Installation

Click on the link below get to install the perfect UV sterilizer to kill bacteria, protozoa & viruses.

Custom Made Impeller For Each Model

All Pumps are Certified by True RMS (Power analyzer Login) 

All Pumps are Packaged with Foam

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"We have the Wave 36 Vortex settlement tank, 2 Wave pumps and love all the W Lim products. The pumps are 4 and 9 years old and still working great. Before using W Lim products, we were losing fish. We have a 14,000 gallon pond with 30 Koi and 30 Gold fish. I recommend W Lim Wave vortex settlement tanks and all of W Lim products."

Dan & Linda Newman

San Diego, CA

“I just called about ordering a Wave II 1/2 HP pump. I currently have a Wave II from about 16 years ago and I want to make sure I get the same pump."

Jeff Wall

Highlands Ranch, CO

OUr Patent

Wave UV Sterilizer

The 2-inch diameter body UV is an efficient and economical unit made of UV-resistant plastic. Safe for indoors and outdoors that has a safe lamp indicator viewing port. The T5 lamp runs for 9000 hours before it reaches its end of useful lamp life (60% efficiency). 10′ power cord. Max GPH/GPM measured at 30,000 cm.

3-year warranty on the body, two years on the power supply. W Lim U.V. Lights – Patent Pending, UL Pending, EPA-8459
Unlike other brands, all WAVE UV’s listed here are water tested as a completed unit before shipping.

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