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Thinking of building a koi fish pond? With careful planning and design, your koi will live a long and happy life. A koi fish pond consists of four essential componenets: a water pump, a UV sterilizer, a filter system and of course, your koi fish. Proper equipment is essential for a healthy koi pond and there is no better water pump than the Wave Series of pumps.

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UV Sterilizer Installation

Click on the link below get to install the perfect UV sterilizer to kill bacteria, protozoa & viruses.


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Custom Made Impeller For Each Model

All Pumps are Certified by True RMS (Power analyzer Login) 

All Pumps are Packaged with Foam

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Wave UV Sterilizer

The 2 inch diameter body UV is an efficient and economical unit made of UV resistant plastic. Safe for indoors and outdoors that has a safe lamp indicator viewing port. The T5 lamp runs for 9000 hrs before it reaches its end of useful lamp life (60% efficiency). 10′ power cord. Max GPH/GPM measured at 30,000 cm.

3 Year warranty on the body, 2 years on power supply. W Lim U.V. Lights – Patent Pending, UL Pending, EPA-8459

Unlike other brands, all WAVE UV’s listed here are water tested as a completed unit prior to shipping.

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