Wave I Pumps

Quality low-pressure pump for open gravity filter operation. Best for low head pressure applications. Consider the Wave II for needs when head pressure is 13 feet or more.

Includes quality Marathon motor, 8 foot cord (at no extra charge) for 115v, 2 inch. PVC Pipe Schedule 40 inlet/outlets with disconnect unions. 3-Way discharge positions makes this pump easy to connect plumbing too. 3 Year limited warranty on motor.

There is a lot of increase of steel and copper and the cost has been
raised dramatically.

NEW Marathon Motor More Efficient

Item # Description GPH/Head Weight Max. Amps @115v Max Watts Price
0509 Wave I 1/15HP Open Drip 2,775 GPH / 5.77 ft. head 16 lbs. 1.37 Amps 160W $470.49
0509EX Wave I 3400 3480 GPH / 2.8 ft. head 23 lbs. 1.30 Amps 190W $597.70
0501 Wave I 4800 4,488 GPH / 8.66 ft. head 29 lbs. 2.34 Amps 262W $616.55
0503 Wave I 7200 5,976 gph / 9.24 ft. head 29 lbs. 3.23 Amps 371W $870.87

NEW Pump Curves built with Marathon Motor

New motor 1.0 HP is very strong 115V is 8.6 amps. We are only using 5.8 amps we need to design a new impeller to give you the largest performance; when you need it. 1/2 HP & 1 HP gives you the best operation, it can operate a bead filter. More pressure than any other pump and both are Energy Efficient. The new Marathon Motor took many years to develop in order to give strongest Pressure and Highest Efficiency.

The 50Hz curve above was tested with the generator below

OLD Pump Curves built with Baldor Motor


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