Water Falls

Waterfalls add more then comedic appeal or the enjoyment of sound to ponds, they provide life supporting oxygen. W Lim waterfalls are made from durable plastic and made to last.

Its easy to convert a waterfall into a small biological filter by adding media to the inside. Waterfall filters works fine for the smallest of ponds. Usually less then 1500 gallons and very few fish.


Item # Description Price
2001 Pressurized Waterfall 

Pipe connector located on the bottom. This waterfall is enclosed including the top. The only opening for water to exit is the top front.

Height- 6″
Width- 8.5″
Length- 36.5″
Spout Depth- 1″

1904 Miniature Barrel, NO Spout –

Height- 15″
Dia. -26 ”
Fits standard wood whiskey barrels

1903 Miniature Barrel, with Spout –

Height- 15″
Dia. -26 ”
Fits standard wood whiskey barrels

1905 Miniature Barrel, Filter with Spout – Complete Package

1 – Miniature Barrel w/ Spout
1 – 2lb Easy Clean Filter Media
1 – Top Circle Japanese Filter Mat
1 – 1″ Bulkhead Fitting

1902 Waterfall Filter – (95 Gal.)

No filter media included. No bulkhead included.

36″ Wide
29″ Deep (Front/Rear)
38″ Tall

1901 Step Waterfall 

Consider one or more Step waterfalls located under the larger waterfall above to create a cascading water feature. (No bulkhead is included) Tray only

38″ Wide
21.5″ Deep
10″ Tall


Waterfall Diagram


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