Up flowing through different levels of media mechanically traps the debris and performs biological filtering. Use of a blower makes back washing easy.



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E.Z.R. Biological Filtering System

The E.Z.R. 300 gallon filter with lid comes with internal plumbing for up flow filtering through different levels of graduated rock, gravel and sand media. (Media not included)

Included is the internal PVC diffuser for back washing with air blower. (Blower not included)

Filters up to 5,000 gallon pond

57.5″ W x 52.5″ H

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3004 The Galaxy 2 hp blower unit is 115 volt and ideal for back washing the E.Z.R. Filter. No power cord is attached to make it ideal for hard wiring or consider installing a regular power cord that is available from local hardware stores. $249.00


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