Care free top-mount sand filters

Carefree Top-Mount Sand Filters are designed for extra sand holding capacity. Made for corrosion-proof polymeric thermoplastic. The Carefree sand Filter offers the ideal combination of energy efficiency and excellent water clarity.


  • Fine-spray internal diffuser for even water distribution.
  • 7- Function, thread-on, top mount 1 1/2″ FTP Multi-Port Valves.
  • 1 1/2″ drain port.
  • Mounting base included.
  • Start/Service Dial on pressure gauge indicates when filter needs to be backwashed
  • Threaded collar makes installation and servicing easier
  • Internal top diffuser assures even distribution of water over sand media bed (not shown)
  • Corrosion proof, one-piece filter tank
  • Full-size piping for free-flowing performance
  • Efficient multi-lateral under drain assembly laterals are removable for servicing
  • Dual function drain for water or sand with self-contained cap/wrench
  • Reverse Drain Cap and use as Drain Tool


Item # Description Price
2351 Carefree Sand Filter 16-in. Call for Price
2352 Carefree Sand Filter 19-in. $801.00
2353 Carefree Sand Filter 22-in. $949.00
2354 Carefree Sand Filter 26-in. $1,300.00


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