Amalgam UV Sterilizer



We have engineering capability to work with you to produce the perfect size UV to give you 100% killing dosage to meet your requirements.


We've been working on this Amalgam UV Lamp since 2008 over 8 years of study. When we first started, its strength was about 12000 Hrs. Based on our New improvements its MAX strength is up to 16000 hrs .based on the required dosage. The lamp has stronger life time than before due to our special engineering design.

The latest New Amalgam Lamp Design is up to 375 Watts per lamp.


The image on the right shows the plastic being cut.


The image above shows actual unit size.

We have machinery to help assemble glue joints.

Each UV is water & pressure tested to assure their is NO leakage.


14T Amalgam UV Sterilizer

installed and operating Execllent in New Mexico., U.S.A.